Ensure continuous profitability by optimising your forest management

Optimise your long-term and short-term harvest schedules and other forest operations with AFRY Smart Forestry Planner.

Plan your forest management based on sustainability

With AFRY Smart Forestry Planner’s strategic and tactical optimisation models, you can create forest management scenarios that allow you to find and prepare the optimal solutions for both long-term strategic objectives and short-term tactical execution. It is a decision support and optimisation tool for forest management and wood sourcing.

Planner provides you with easy-to-use tools, helping you to:
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Optimise your forest strategy and make sure it is sustainable

Compare alternative forest management scenarios, understand their trade-offs and make educated decisions

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Bring your strategic goals into practice using built-in tactical and operational optimisation models

Model the financial value of any forest asset

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Analyse the climate impact of your wood supply chain and include biodiversity aspects in your decision making

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Strategic Planning

Optimise your forest management strategy

Understanding the impacts of your forest management decisions and possible changes in the business environment through scenario analysis is a key to the sustainable use of forests. AFRY Smart Forestry Planner allows you to align your forest management strategy with your objectives and values.

A strategic forest management plan provides a clear understanding of the long-term wood supply, as well as silviculture and reforestation needs. With AFRY Smart Forestry Planner, you can also optimise your day-to-day operations.

Cost Savings

Control the supply chain

Bridging the gap between your strategic goals and daily work can be done by generating cost-efficient and operationally feasible harvest schedules with Planner’s spatial optimisation model.

By controlling the flow of wood from the forests to the mills with built-in forest haulage and logistics optimisation, you can improve the transparency of your wood supply chain.

In-Depth Analysis

Analyse the value of forests

With AFRY Smart Forestry Planner, you can create in-depth analyses of the forest value components, including carbon crediting and biodiversity values.

Smart Forestry Planner gives you a consistent, transparent and scalable approach to forest valuations. You can analyse various wood flow and business environment scenarios and identify their impacts on forest value, for example, for accounting purposes and in forest transactions.

The Real Climate Impact

Understand your climate impact

AFRY Smart Forestry Planner includes a comprehensive and transparent model to capture the real climate impact of forest management. This allows credible, systematic and continuous reporting of climate impacts, which is a prerequisite for transparent communication and accountability of sustainability statements and claims.

AFRY Smart Forestry Planner offers easy-to-use tools for modelling the climate impacts of the whole forest product value chain, all the way from the forest to end products.

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AFRY Smart Forestry products for better decisions

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With our extensive knowledge of forestry in general, as well as the capabilities of our solutions, we can suggest the best solution to achieve your goals.

Data Configuration

We take care of the forest data transfer and system implementation. If you don't have accurate data, we can also help you get the most relevant data set with satellite imagery or drones.


For successful use of Smart Forestry products, we give your personnel software training to make you get the most out of our solutions. More help is available in all stages of your customer journey.


Our solutions for Smart Forestry cover the maintenance of the software. We update the solutions with more helpful features and keep you up-to-date.

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Bridge the gap between your strategic goals and the daily work

Smart Forestry Planner brings your strategic goals into practice and includes crucial factors and aspects to your decision making

Align your forest management strategy with your objectives and values
Collect and record field measurements directly to the system
Communicate and report management plans with internal and external stakeholders
Send notifications and get harvesting permissions via direct integrations to authorities’ systems
Import and export data with direct integrations to state systems
Plan and manage your management activities throughout their life cycle from planning to execution and historical records
Easily search and filter your stand and estate registers and visualize your forest assets on the map
Leverage even more planning capabilities with seamless integration with Smart Forestry Planner
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No more speculations but pure data and knowledge!

With AFRY Smart Forestry products you can examine and administrate all the forest, wood sourcing and forest carbon value chain at all planning levels throughout the business cycle.

Let's take a look what combination works best for your needs!

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How you benefit from Smart Forestry Manager?

Save time and money with a single system

Smart Forestry Manager offers you an intuitive user experience with all top-notch features of the world-class forestry management software, which is also available offline when working on fields.

You can manage your whole portfolio across country borders in one system with one login, without sacrificing locally calibrated forest data and operation models

High quality data for better decisions

Bad inputs usually mean bad outputs. From standing stock attributes to stand geometries, forest inventory data is often complex and prone to outdated information and errors.

That’s why we have carefully built-in data validation rules to Manager, to make sure your data stays relevant and in good shape, regardless of who uses the system.

More efficiency with better communication

With Smart Forestry Manager it's possible to streamline communication by sharing limited access to service providers. You can also send notifications and requests to external systems, e.g. directly from the system

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